47 Minutes is a cosmic horror survival game wherein Apollo, an officer on Starship Ghint, overrides his General's orders and takes a ship to space station LX-953 to find his wife. 

Starship Ghint is approaching station LX-953 in a geosynchronous equatorial orbit around Kepler-442b. The space station was setup to study the planet and commence the process of terraforming after 12 Terran cycles. The station stopped responding to incoming signals a few days ago. The starship was sent to investigate the problem. The starship has a crew of 27 adults. Jared, the general of the ship along with the rest of the crew assume approach to the station. The ship’s first officer is Candice, a war hero who has survived several inter-galactic wars and the second officer is Apollo, a hot shot veteran who is a great detective but has a soft side for his family. Apollo’s wife, Anna, was commissioned on the station 6 months earlier to carry out the terraforming operations. She is commander of the station.

Can you find your wife and solve the mystery of the station's comms going down in 47 minutes? 

CAUTION: Tread carefully into this stellar experience for it is you in the end, that might go insane.


Game Director/Programmer: Joel Colaco

Screenplay/Sound Engineer: Ben Nagarajan

Story Inspiration: u/croatianspy

Itch Page Illustrations: Valentine Chopine

Voice Actors

Anna/Candice: Nina Nikolic

Apollo/Ethan: Khalil Jarrett

Demon: ScrufflesBear

Crew Member 1: Philip Cole

Crew Member 2: Shado Temple



3D Art: POLYGON - Sci-Fi Space Pack


Move - W / A / S /D

Sprint - Shift

Jump - Space

Interact - E

Inventory - I

Objectives - O

Game created in 10 days as part of  Scream Jam 2020


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yup idk what is even going on from the very start, like what am i supposed to do?? but then again i've always not been the best at these types of games. stunning visuals though, really love the graphics